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Saturday, January 15, 2005

waving from such great heights

thursday was sara and mark's birthday, along with EVERYONE else. plus i got the restrictions that say i can't drive at a certain time at night and that i can only take one other teenager in the car, got lifted! so yesterday sara carly and i went out and i drove! the plan was to go to the Koffee Kup by my house and then go to the bijou and see phantom of the opera. at the koffee kup, we ordered two veggie wraps and a sandwich. it must have taken AT LEAST half an hour for them to make our order! so by the time we finally finished eating our long awaited food and got to the bijou, it was 8:32 or so, and we wanted to see an 8:15 showing. we decided it was ok since the bijou tends show about 15 minutes of trailers anyway. so we get up to the ticket lady, and she asks us how old we all are. i knew she was asking because you have to be a certain age to go to the bijou without an adult acompanying you, no matter what the movie rating is, but i couldnt remember if the age was 17 or 18. sara answered first, "17" (we're all 16) and when she answered, for some reason that didnt seem wrong to me until she came to me, and i was like.. 17? we're 17? no we're not. oh! i get it we're lying...(i can be a bit slow) so i said uh.. 17 and nodded my head. then she looked at carly and carly just said "um... yeah.." and then the lady says "sorry you have to be 18 or older to see a movie without an adult" so we moved to the side and just stood there for a really long time trying to figure out what to do. then finally we decided to go to hollywood video. although nobody was too excited about it. then, on the way, we decided to try to convince our parents to let us go to Sam's Burger Joint for the Ska Explosion. so we parked at hollywood, and i called my parents and suddenly carly realized that her mom was inside hollywood! so she asked her if she could go and how to get there and then as soon as her mom pulled out of the parking lot, my parents and my sister pull in! it was very weird. so finally, we got permission from everyone and went on our way to sam's. it was sara and my first show ever. ('cept sara saw JET once and i went to Sam's once for my highschool's battle of the bands, but we decided those dont really count.) it was lots of fun. we saw part of two bands playing and we had to leave at 10:30 to get home by 11. but it was still fun. on the way home, Such Great Heights played on KSYM and we all sang.


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