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Friday, October 08, 2004

i've decided that one of my goals in life is to move into an all black or all hispanic neighborhood. i want to teach people not to fear the unknown. we have got to get out of this mindset. segregation has been unlawfull for decades, but we still segregate ourselves. why? what have i got to fear from a black person? why should i be more afraid of a mexican i see on the street than a white person? why do all the black kids sit together in the cafeteria? society has got to get out of this mind set that people who look different are more intimidating, more powerfull, or not as worthy or important as they are.

today, in art class, we got a new student who came from Jefferson. the teacher asked him if he liked it here and his reply was "no, lee sucks" and when asked why he said "there's too many damn white people here!" and several other students agreed with his statement. aside from feeling a tad awkward considering i was the only white person in class, i was deeply saddened, not because my race was attacked or offended, but because people could be so closed minded as to think that a school "sucks" because there are too many of a certain race there. i guess its pretty easy to judge things you dont understand or aren't fully informed of. but i want people to be aware. i want him to know that he, as an american, will encounter so many "white people" in his life and he cant just not do things or not enjoy them becuase of other races. where would i be if i were racist against hispanics? i would never be able to fully enjoy the art scene, i wouldnt be at saysi, i wouldnt have sara, mark, gabi, pablo... and i dont see hispanics as any different from whites, yes they may have some different lifestyles, or upbringings but we share passions that bring us together. and it's the mind sets like that boy's exactly that keep this country segrigated! its like an endless cycle, a white is racist against mexicans and a mexican sees this and becomes racist against whites! how does that even make sense? i've always been one to whenever my opinion is questioned by someone, put myself in their shoes and see where they're coming from. if everyone would just step back and do that every once in a while i truely believe racism would decrease. i felt like going over to him and shaking his hand and saying "hi my name is Sarah and I am White. have you ever really had a descent conversation with a white person? you know most hispanics have white blood in them? it's called meztizo. how would you feel if i stood up and said 'i hate San Antonio, there's too many damn mexicans!' you know why people think and say things like that? its because they are ignorant. race can shape a person but it doesnt make a person." i really wish i could be more outgoing, then maybe i would have told him all that.

and to end my little speech i leave with a saying from a button my grandpa gave me.
"we all came over on different ships but we're all in the same boat now!"


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