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Saturday, June 19, 2004

they just keep coming!!!

Have you ever?!
have you ever tripped over something in public and got hurt real bad?:no
have you ever done somethin HECKA stupid and people have never 4gotten it?:not that i can think of
have you evergot made at something and hit it and it broke?:no i dont think so
have you ever lost any money?:yes
have you ever got in trouble with the cops?:no
have you ever pissed in your pants?:yes
have you ever been in love?:yes
have you ever wanted to be loved?:yes
have you ever cried yourself to sleep over someone?:yes
have you ever wished you were someone else?:yes
have you ever been jealous over someone becuz they are with some1 you like?:no, but i have been jealous of someone when they had a relationship that i wished i had
have you ever wished you can die?:no
have you ever tried to kill yourself?how?:no
have you ever loved somebody so bad..you can't sleep at night?:yes
this or that?
cried yourself to sleep or stayed up all night thinking?:yes, both especially the second, do it all the time
tried to count to count the stars or how many hairs you have on your head?:yes both
punk music or emo music?:punk
taking back sunday or Coheed and Cambria or neither?:uh i dunno either of them
black nail polish or pink nail polish?:um neither
mexican food or asain food?:ooh depends on my mood
Hott Topic or Forever 21?:neither
Lip stick or Lip gloss?:lip gloss every once in a while
night or day?:both
light colors dark colors?:depends on my mood
singing or dancing?:i dunno, i dont dance too much but it is kinda fun, so's singing, but not like performing just singing to my itunes
dogs or cats?:both
T.V or online?:online
Rap or Punk?:punk

what you think? done this? like this or that? brought to you by BZOINK!


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