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Saturday, June 19, 2004

so many surveys!!!!

Location:San Antonio
Birthday:May 8
Maritial status:boyfriend
Height:5' 2
Eye colour:hazel/brown
Hair colour:brown
This or That?
Coke or Pepsi:neither really
Love or Lust:love
Indoors or Outdoors:outdoors except when there are mosquitos
Self employed or Employee:student
Smoker or Non smoker:non
Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears:neither
Vanilla or Chocolate:vanilla
Canada or USA:hmm i'd like to live in canada... maybe...
School or Jail:ooh, i'd have to go with school
Black and white or Colour:colour
Pro-choice or Pro-life:choice
Morning or Night:night
Shower or Bath:shower
Halloween or Valentines:umm halloween
What's your biggest phobia:death
If you were in a band, what would you call it:umm.. i dunno
Do you like to wear matching socks:no
How many pillows do you sleep with:one usually
Ever been arrested:nope
What is the dumbest song ever:ooh thats a toughy
Are you allergic to anything:um maybe penacillin
Do you know HTML:do i know it?
Do you own a website:yeah, but i dont update it
If not, would you ever concider making one:
What's your favourite TV show:um i guess that 70s show.. ooh! or Queer Eye!
Do you like going to the Drive-In:-sigh- i've never been, i wanted to go today but instead i'm doing tons of surveys
Ever been through a Drive-Thru backwords:uh no, but i walked through a drive thru once
What colour is your toothbrush:purple
Word Association
Explorer:dora... heh
Have you ever ..
been suspended:nope
been on TV:yeah i think so
been in love:yes
traveled to more then 3 countrys::-( no
been stalked:no, not that i know of
won a radio contest:nope
under-gone a major operation:no
The Future
Do you ever want to get married:i dont know yet
How many children would you like:i dont know yet
Where would you want your dream wedding to be held:hmm prolly a pretty garden or something
What is your dream job:viideo editor
What are some countries you would like to visit:ooh! mexico, canada, italy, france, ireland, spain, austrailia, japan... so many more!
Where will you be at the age of 50:hmm i dont know, i'll find out when i get there
What is ..
the phrase you use most:i'd have to say it's "i love you"
the first thing you thought of when you got up this morning:damn this air matress is so uncomfortable
the last image or thought you go to sleep with at night:usually whatever i was doing that day
the best name for a butler:uh... i dunno
your greatest fear:death
your greatest accomplishment so far:hmm maybe U
your most missed memory:hmm i guess it's when we still had verdi at saysi
your childhood posession:i have several
your favourite magazine:hmm i dunno
the temperature right now:i dunno, who cares? its comfortable, but thats because i have central air and a ceiling fan
Type of music:oh so many, ska, 60's rock, psychobilly, rockabilly, 60's folk, some classic rock... so much more
Colour:all of 'em
Actor/ Actress:i dunno
Spice Girl:heh, um i once dressed as scary but my favorite has to be sporty
Backstreet Boy:uh... i dont know any backstreet boys.
TV show:queer eye or that 70's show
CD:lots revolver-beatles, white album-beatles, clandestino-manu chao, graceland-paul simon, 20 years of tmbg, why they rock so hard-RBF, Still Standing, chutes too narrow-shins..
Food/ Beverage:indian food
Subject in school:hmm this year it was english and film critique
Holiday:i dunno
Naughty, naughty
Do you drink:no
Do you do drugs:no
If yes, do you deal drugs:no
Do you smoke:no
Do you steal:no
Do you lie:sometimes
Have you been arrested:no
Have you ever harmed anyone else:im sure
Have you ever OD'd on any substance:on
Have you ever bought/ sold illegal things to minors:no
What grade are you in:i'll be a junior
What\'s your favourite subject:you just asked me that
What\'s your least favourite subject:ew! chemestry!
What\'s your locker combination:i cant remember
Do you share a locker with anyone:i did this past year with some kid named forest. but he never used it
Are you failing any classes:no, no one's on
Do you get sent to the office often:no
What\'s your Grade Point Average (GPA):i dunno i havnt gotten my report card

Randomoscity brought to you by BZOINK!


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