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Saturday, June 19, 2004

ok last one for now

First job::hmm babysitting
First screen name::i cant remember, it was something like enh782 or something weird, my dad made it up
First funeral::um i think it was my great uncle robert
First pet::scruffy, my dog
First piercing/tattoo::my ears, but they've closed up
First credit card::none
First Kiss::mark
First one that mattered::mark
First love::mark
First enemy::hmm.. ah. clarissa
First big trip::eh ohio
First concert::the san antonio symphony
First musician you remember hearing in your house::peter paul and mary
Last car ride::from sara's house to my house
Last kiss::mark
Last library book checked out::umm... sadly.. i cant remember
Last movie watched::the end of pretty in pink
Last beverage drank::a glass of ice water
Last food consumed::dark chocolate with almonds
Last phone call::heh, sara's mom just called, said she missed me, asked what i was doing...
Last CD played::i have itunes dont play cds
Last annoyance::mom
Last soda drank::um cant remember
Last ice cream eaten::i had a strawberry shake yesterday
Last shirt worn::my sophomore zacatecas trip t-shirt
Last website visited::sara's blog
Single or Taken::taken
Birthday::may 8
Hair color::brown
Eye color::brown/hazel
Shoe size::8
Height::5' 2
Right now, what are you:
Wearing::my new horrorpops t shirt, capris with the striped colored belt
Thinking about::food
Listening to::timothy by jet

I'm bored... brought to you by BZOINK!


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