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Saturday, June 19, 2004

About You:
What is your full name?:Sarah Robin
When is your Birthday?:May 8
Where were you born?:San Antonio
Hair Colour::brown
Height::5' 2"
Weight::um.. i believe it's around 120
siblings and names::younger sister emily
glasses/contacts::glasses or contacts, usually glasses
have you ever had braces?:yes
Colour::i dont have a favourite
Holiday::um... i dunno i like a lot of 'em
band::same as above
song::ooh even harder
tv show::hmm.. dont watch much tv but that 70's show can be funny
video game::huh?
stuffed animal::tiny my bear
food::ooh indian food
cereal::honey bunches of oats
cartoon::Homestar Runner
website::Homestar Runner
Do You:
have a job?:no
play an instrument?:used to play clarinet
like to sing?:sometimes
have a cell phone?:yes
have a crush on someone?who?:yes, mark ;-) im your secret admirerer!! :-p
exercise daily?:-sigh- no..
have more than 5 tvs in your house?:ha! no
like school?:no
Have You Ever:
snuck out of the house?:nope
cried to get out of trouble?:yes
gotten lost in your town?:yes many times
been anywhere outside of canada?:uh.. yeah.. never been to canada
stolen anything?:no
had a serious surgery?:nope
cried over a boy/girl?:um.. yeah. even though i vowed never to.
done drugs?:nope
drank?:just a few sips
got into a fist fight?:nope
been in love?:yes
ran over an animal and killed it?:no
broken a bone?:no
gotten stitches?:nope
bitten someone?:uh yeah
Whens The Last Time You:
saw a movie in theaters?:spring summer fall winter and spring with sara
had a party?:my birthday party
got sick?:um, i dont remember
cursed::hmm i dunno, i had to watch my mouth cause i was around sara's lil' sister this weekend, i guess saying stupid in front of her counts.
was annoyed? by who?:oh probably my mom
cried?:um cant remember
drank alcohol?:that first friday a long time ago when we went to that lady's house and she was selling shoes she had painted and she gave us wine and fruit.
This or That:
fruit/vegetables::mmm both!
black/white::um both
sunrise/sunset::both :-P
headache/stomach ache::headache
cake/pie::mmmm pie...
chocolate/vanilla:mmm vanilla
how many friends do you have?:how many? i dunno..
who are your closest friends?:mark, sara, christine, brian
have you ever liked oneof your friends?:yes
have you ever lost a friend?:umm yes, i've yet to find my friend briane i knew her 5th grade year. we went to girl scout camp together that summer, and after that, she moved and i never saw her again :'(
whats the nicest thing you have ever done for a friend?:hmm i dunno
whats the nicest thing a friend has ever done for you?:hmm lotsa things
what friend have you known the longest?:sara
how often are you with your friends?:oh everyday.
Love and such:
Have you ever been in love?:yes
with who?:Mark
are you single/seeing anyone/in a long term relationship?:Mark, its been over 8 months :-)
whats your idea of the perfect date?:hmm i dunno, one with the person i love
whats the best thing about the opposite sex?:the best thing? i dunno, it depends who you're talking about, they're all different
whats the best experience you have had with the opposite sex?:hmm i dunno
do you think love is a load of crap?:no
whats your definition of love?:love is a very general word, i dont have enough room...
love::mark, sara, movies
want::a car
need::more time
am::a unique girl
feel::kinda overwhelmed and stressed
would rather::be watching a good movie
am tired of::being under 18
am annoyed by::oh, you know... ned :-P
will always::be out of the ordinary
Would you Ever:
sky dive/bungee jump?:hmm maybe
not take a shower for a week?:sure why not
ask someone out?:yeah
lie to someone to make them think better of you?:i try hard not to
visit a foreign country for more than a month?:definately!
go scuba diving?:maybe, but i hear you get really bad ear infections...
write a book?:i dunno
become a rockstar?:nah prolly not
Last Questions:
did you enjoy this survey?:it was alright
say something nice about the person who sent it to you::
what time is it now?:8:10 pm
are you bored?:oh maybe a little
any last words::

really long survey... brought to you by BZOINK!


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Anonymous Sarah Robin said...

hello.. .
my name IS....
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thts freaky shit yo

im from Canada and we have the same name its awsome
bye ! : )

7:41 AM


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