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Thursday, April 22, 2004

today was a good day, and this week was a good week. i crossed three movies off of my to watch list. 2001: A Space Odyssey, Whale Rider, and Mystic River. i think my favorite was whale rider but they were all really really good. Sara, Monica and I went to see Mystic River at the dollar movies after SaySi today. it was lots of fun, and sara dropped her phone and then a quarter and then another quarter and then her sunglasses and then monica pulled out her handy flashlight and we all couldnt keep from laughing. so here we are, 3 teenage girls, laughing hysterricaly while watching one of the saddest movies ever made. its like a greek tragety! everyone gets screwed over and you sympathise with everyone. so after wards we walked to wendy's and laughed some more cause of some little kids and this little girl kept throwing salt over her shoulder and then when she came out of the restroom she announced to us that she "went ka-ka". ahh.. kids are great. then we went to walmart and sara bought some oatmeal pies, pineapple soda, swedish fish, and some gum or something. and monica and i just kind of followed her around laughing about everything we could. i love being a teenager. i hope i never really turn into an adult. i've decided that even when im an old lady with a wrinkly face and hands that shake, i will be a kid at heart, i will look at things with a kids point of veiw and remember that no matter how old i am, i can still have fun.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

today was a good day. well, most days are good days. but today was very good. we didnt do much in school today, we had a discussion on gay marriage in history, and played cards in drivers ed (as always), and i had a nice conversation with molly, jackie, paige, adam, and christine and jenn and rachel at lunch. and then in film critique we finished watching The Birds and in Geometry we worked in groups on a TAKS packet. not that i enjoy working on TAKS packets, but it wasnt as tiring as trying to stay alert while Mr Williams explains the homework, because if you dont, he'll see you, and call on you the moment you lose focus so you look like a fool cause you dont know what a triangle is. and then i took the bus to saysi and for some reason, there were a bunch of flower petals on the street when i was waiting for the bus downtown, and they were dancing and playing in the nice breeze, and then i got to saysi, mark wasnt there :( cause he was in corpus at some distant relative's funeral, but sara was finally there, it seemed like i hadnt seen her in a really long time cause she hadnt been there all week. so i talked to monica and sara the whole time, and listened to john and brian and fred talk about punk shows and mosh pits, really, it was just john talk about mosh pits to brian and fred, but anywho, after the boys went off and did they're own thing, monica, sara and i, talked and giggled for about 30 minutes until sara had to leave and then monica and i fixed up the right side of the dry erase board and then she walked me to my car as a replacement boyfriend. ah, this has been a good week, except for monday when my PE coach made me cry and didnt care and i had to go home sick, and i didnt get to go to saysi. but other than that, it was a good week. and tomorrow is the talent show, im looking forward to that! =D last year it was so much fun, and this year i'm taking mark. and on saturday, monica, sara and i are going to earth day at woodlawn lake, that should be fun, ms zepeda will probably be there. =)

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

yesterday, after school, for some reason, i couldnt help but fall in love with people, just people, all types of people.i was walking through the school campus noticing all the different people, like Jake, the punkish type freshman guy who hits me up for money at first fridays, and he held out his hand for me to hit it in a greeting, then i passed a group of freshman laughing standing right in the middle of the hallway, blocking my path, and it usually pisses me off but today, i just couldn't help but smile. and i passed the girls that all straighten their hair and wear shirts and skirts 3 sizes too small and flirt with all the football players, and i heard Miles, a senior who's well known, and into all that model united nations stuff make a funny impression of somebody, and i passed some "jocks" and "preps" and a group of uncategorized freshmen talking and moving their hands around a lot, and i passed some "thugs" and "rappers" and some "gamers" and a group of musical theater kids and one of them said hi to me cause she was in my class, and i passed the cinema kids and the visual arts kids and the dance majors, and i was in love with all of them. every single one of them! they're all so different, and so beautiful just because they exist! i dont know why i'm so overly happy recently, but i guess its not something that really needs to be questioned.