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Thursday, March 25, 2004

today was a good day, better than yesterday. yesterday, i spilt milk on my pants, i left my purse at school and some guy yelled at me cause i was crossing the street too slowly and then it started raining, and i had to pay for the bus cause i had my bus card in my purse and i left my purse at school. but today was good. i kicked ass in dodge ball! i cant throw, but i can dodge and catch, i was the last one on still in on my team, except some girl that didnt do anything but squeal, and there were 3 people on the other team, and i caught all the balls they threw at me. everyone yelled and cheered when i caught the last one, and everyone came up to me to give me a high five and the coaches that think im just another girl that doesnt participate in sports because lazy or something saw me and cheered for me. it made me happy. :-)


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