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Monday, March 22, 2004

i cant seem to get over the fact that verdi is gone from saysi. i usually imagine things that happen routinely happening just before they happen, for example, when im waiting for the bus and i see it coming, i imagine seeing the driver, showing him my bus pass, he'll probably nod, and then i'll find a seat. dont ask me why i imagine those things, the image just pops up in my brain, anyway, when i got off the bus today and walked over to the door to the media arts studio, i imagined me getting my usual greeting hug and kiss from mark and seeing verdi sitting at his desk making his little "why must you kiss him in front of me, they dont pay me to see you guys do that" face. and suddenly, as i reached for the door, i paused, because i had just remembered that he wasnt going to be in there, and he would never be in there again. at that point, i felt like turning around and running somewhere, i dont know where i wanted to go, i just didnt want to go to saysi, but mark was in there, and so were all my friends, and i can't forget that the reason i joined saysi was for the love of art, and i dont want to deprive myself of that. so i walked in and was welcomed by my different but still warm and loving saysi media arts studio. im usually pretty adaptable to change, but this change is a little harder to overcome than most. Thank God for people like Sara and Mark and Brian and John and Harris and the SSG's, and Gabi, they always seem to be able to cheer me up. :-)

in other news, i have been getting into some new music, (new to me that is) like the Shins, They Might be Giants, Me First and The Gimme Gimmes, JET, and a bunch of other stuff.


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