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Thursday, February 19, 2004

i dont know if ive had a worse day in my life. my biggest role model and motivator has been fired from saysi. how could this happen? brian says "they" told him "it was in the best interest of the program for him to leave" god knows who "they" is or how the hell it could be "in the best freaking interest of the program" to fire our biggest role model. i cant believe this is happening. i feel like i'm gonna wake up tomorrow, go to saysi on saturday, and hear verdi yell "SARAH!" i really dont want to go to school tomorrow. i have a chem quiz... i cant even remember what its over. but i know i dont know the material. i was planning on studdying tonight. what could he have done? i dont understand. why would someone take him away from us? how could they? they must not understand.


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