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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

well, opening ceremonies for MUNSA (Model United Nations of San Antonio) was yesterday. we listened to some people talk including some senator who gave some long winded, off topic speach that went on forever. and then we ate dinner which was ok but it took me forever to get my food and once i got it, they dimmed the lights to start the stupid dance so i couldnt see the food i was eating. i hate it when i cant see what im eating. and the dance was ok cause it was good music. i didnt dance at all. i just sat watching everyone dance. it was pretty boring. the music was pretty good though. today we started with all the debates and stuff. i was unprepared and didnt really talk at all. and if i dont talk tomorrow ill probably fail. so i guess i have to talk. and now i feel like im gonna get sick cause i feel really shakey and cold. -sigh- i cant wait till thanksgiving break.


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