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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

-sigh- i really need a new computer preferably an emac. my old windows 98 gateway pc hooked up to a moniter thats about 8 years old, is just about dead. its not really mine its "the family's" which consists of my 12 year old sister, and my mom and dad. i am the one who uses the computer the most but alot of times my mom kicks me off to enter grades into gradespeed or my sister will kick me off to do some homework or my dad will want to check his email. my parents might get me an emac for christmas. cross your fingers! hee hee.
movie of the day-Not Without My Daughter
Song of the day-Paint it Black by The Rolling Stones

Monday, September 29, 2003

Wow I have a lot of grammatical mistakes in that entry. I really hate it when I have grammatical and spelling mistakes it makes me seem so...ignorant. -sigh-

well i have been putting off creating a blog because i really dont like to write things and have others be able to read my thoughts. but lately i have been thinking that at times it would be really nice to have a place to put my thoughts. and sometimes i just feel like telling the whole world what is going on in my life. not that the whole world will read my blog. it would be a miracle if anyone besides my friends reads this blog. but if your like me i like to read about other people's experiences about life and their thoughts on stuff. because i find the human mind an extremely interesting thing. so i guess i will start off by saying a little about myself. i am a sophomore in high school. i really dont like school too much. and its not just because i dont like to do school work, or anything its just that i feel like it takes so much of my time away from the thing i really love which is film making. and i dont really think that being able to tell what a consecutive, interior angle is, is really going to asist me at all with what i want to do with my life. but this society is so set on their ways that they cant comprehend the fact that standardized tests and traditional education does not work for everyone. and i will probably never think about dropping out or even not going to college because all my life i have been brought up to beleive that you must get a college education to be anything in life. and sadly i feel that that statement is true...well i was actually trying to say something about my self. not go on some rant about education and society. oh well i guess i will call it a night.

Sunday, September 28, 2003



-sniff sniff- mmm.. new blog smell.